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From its inception until today, we have taken the place of one of the leading wholesale centers on the market.

Gadžo Comerc d.o.o. was founded in 1996 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activity of the company was the retail sale of food products in small store formats. In 1999, we established a wholesale and expanded retail to large format facilities. Since 2007, we have been strategically opting for the further development of classic wholesale, facilities operating on the principle of Cash & Carry and distribution called GEN distribution. During this period, we opened two Atom wholesale centers that operate on the principle of Cash & Carry, one in Sarajevo, and the other in 2011 in Vitez. After that, in 2012, we signed a business cooperation agreement with the company Agrokomerc, which leased part of the business premises, equipment and licenses for the production of food products. In this way, we have enabled the expansion of the business to the production of food of various categories. Today, we produce over 50 products, and the plan is to expand production capacity and introduce new items. The cornerstones of our success are a motivated workforce and management with a market-oriented strategy. Our company employs about 200 workers, and we do business with over 3,000 business partners throughout BiH.
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